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Planning and implementation of data centres / Data centre analysis and planning

Energy efficiency, availability and air-conditioning are for reasons of both security and economic efficiency very important to the operation of data centres. It is therefore necessary to consult specialists when expert advice, planning and implementation are needed in this regard.

Data centre analysis and planning
proRZ offers a one-stop service that ranges from security analyses for existing IT infrastructures, basic evaluations and the assessment of actual situations to rough cost estimates. Here, it will document the determination of risks posed by re-planning work and the optimization of existing data centres in requirement specifications. A concept along with technical specifications will then be drawn up, which constitutes the transition from pure conception to actual planning which will include all measures and proposals worked out for the customers and their data centres. It is then that actual planning and realization will commence.

Customer-oriented IT solutions
proRZ solutions are aimed at all companies that need modern data centres to deliver high and highest availabilities. Mini data centres are also possible for applications that are not necessarily that large with such data centres employing IT security solutions that are based on small-applications standards. proRZ also utilizes tailored and economical solutions for a wide variety of customer demands which is why – besides standardized products – the company is also able to deliver specific solutions: in cases where no appropriate products exist, the proRZ team will develop such a solution itself or have it individually developed by specialist manufacturers. Fail-safe communications are also essential because modern-day companies cannot work without data centres and are unable to do business when they fail. proRZ therefore ensures comprehensive redundancies, multiple connections and special fire-safety measures for these demands. In this regard, ring structures and redundancies deliver benefits within the communications interfaces that are designed to protect communications from sabotage and natural hazards.

Modern approaches ensure long-term success
During planning, proRZ also pays particular attention to the latest developments in the fields of cooling, power management and monitoring. Because future-oriented concepts deliver protection against unpleasant surprises where infrastructure and energy costs are concerned.

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