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3 CCD-HD micro camera system GP-US932A

Micro cameras are now capable of achieving what was previously only possible in complex specialized solutions: extremely high resolution, the purest colour reproduction, impressive accuracy and extremely small camera head dimensions. Therefore Panasonic micro cameras provide maximum performance for many different applications – also available as OEM components.

Impressive performance

Panasonic’s 3CCD HD micro camera systems feature three 1/3” 16:9 progressive scan sensors. With full 50 images per second, you can work with a horizontal resolution of 1080 lines with full image scanning. Video signal is digitised in the camera head with a bandwidth of 14 bits per channel. After digital transmission via the camera cable, further processing takes place in the controller virtually loss-free with a bandwidth of 3 x 19 bits.

Panasonic’s 3CCD-HD micro cameras feature separate individual colour range adjustment using a 12-axis colour matrix. The colour enhancement permits this without influencing other colours and provides particularly brilliant colour reproduction in scientific applications or industrial solutions.

Greater clarity, more brightness in the dark

You simply see more with HD technology. The sharpening of low-frequency parts of an image provides detailed image reproduction over the entire frequency range. And the extraordinary light sensitivity of an HD camera provides clearer images in both light and dark areas. These are properties that can be decisive in endoscopic or microscopic applications.


  • FULL-HD with 1080p at HDMI output
  • Multi-format camera
    ∙ HD: 1080p, 1080/25psF, 1080i and 720p
    ∙ SD: 576p and 576i
  • Simultaneous HD and SD video output
  • Flexible CCU - connectivity: equipped with HDMI, HD-SDI, analogue RGB/component, S-Video and FBAS video outputs
  • A/D conversion in head for loss-free data transmission
  • Signal cable up to 20m in length
  • Natural colour setting (12-axis colour matrix)
  • Special DSP functions: Image rotation (Mirror, Flip, Rotate), zoom and freeze, dynamic range enhancement and low frequency booster
  •  2D edge enhancement with different frequency bands (low-frequency booster)


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