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Product range "Super Duty" - beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks with increased mechanical sturdiness.

The DURAN Group has launched a completely new range of products under the name "Super Duty": DURAN beak-ers and Erlenmeyer flasks for mechanically demanding tasks.

The new super duty products have two major advantages over conventional DURAN vessels: First of all, the mechanical sturdiness has been significantly improved due to the increased glass thickness. The second advantage is the reinforced rim which not only increases the shock resistance, but considerably reduces the risk of breakage.

This extension of the previous DURAN product portfolio thereby provides the highest level of safety possible for users confronted with tasks with a high level of mechanical stress such as frequent cleaning or general handling in the laboratory.

More product advantages of the Super Duty glassware: The increased shock resistance leads to a longer lifespan which means that their use "pays off" for the user. Of course, they are also characterised by the established DURAN properties such as very high chemical resistance, nearly inert behaviour, a high usage temperature, and autoclavability.

The following manufacturer specifications apply to use: In order to avoid thermal stressing of the glass, uniform and slow heating is recommended. When working at very high temperatures or if rapid temperature changes are ex-pected, the DURAN Group recommends using standard vessels as those are characterised by excellent thermal shock resistance.

The mechanical sturdiness of those products is limited compared with the super duty products.

All super duty products have a retrace code. If you enter that code along with the corresponding article number at www.duran-group.com, you will be able to easily down-load a batch and quality certificate.

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