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Eclipse DUALTEC - the new dimension in Flow-FFF

The best solution for the separation and characterization of macromolecules. The new Eclipse DualTec brings high-end separation technology to your lab. It allows the standardization and highest reproducibility and thus significantly increases the productivity of your sample separation.

The new Eclipse DualTec offers both AF4 and HF5 separation methods controlled by one instrument  

  • Maximum method flexibility:
    user chooses best separation technique for every application
  • New channel technology (EST: enhanced sealing technology, patented) for easy and safe separation of high sample amounts and volumes up to semi-prep level: channel assembly fast and easy, leakage-proof 
  • New sample injection mode (“on-the-fly”):
    injects without flow interruption, reduces memory peaks, improves sample recovery rate
  • The new Eclipse DualTec offers a temperature control option:
    improved separation results, especially for polymer and biopolymer samples
  • Hollow fiber technique offers completely new applications:
    lowest dead volume, less sample dilution, highest sensitivity and best signal-to-noise ratio, low flow rates enable coupling to a wide variety of detection methods (mass spectrometry, ICP-MS)
  • Stunningly facilitated method development - the Eclipse DualTec comes with the new ISIS software:
    Your separation runs in a computer controlled simulation while all parameters are varied to determine the best conditions possible: saves precious sample material and avoids time- consuming preliminary testing
  • Sterility and contamination issues:
    The newly developed and patented hollow fiber cartridge can be completely replaced after use: sample cross-contaminations and microbial colonization problems are a thing of the past

For more information on features and benefits of the new Eclipse DualTec instrument contact us

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