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netpix 4800

IP streaming video decoding solution with next generation of universal decoding of IP streams from cameras, encoders and DVRs over video IP networks

IP Decoder for netpix 4800 series

eyevis’ new IP streaming video decoding solution offers the next generation of universal decoding of IP streams from cameras, encoders and DVRs over video IP networks. This fully digital solution for the decoding of IP camera signals for surveillance systems provides a lot of benefits, such as the display of numerous camera signals on a display wall.

The setup and configuration of each IPD8 and channels can be easily done with the eyecon software. All settings are performed by drag&drop without editing files etc. Changes during transmissions are also possible inside the setup configuration side.

) Support of thousands of cameras
) Dynamic virtual switching of each camera to a decoder channel
) Fast switching between cameras, also independent from codec changes
) Dynamic use of available decoders or static mode
) Overview of all camera/encoder sources in a customizable list
) Support for additional comments for each camera
) Free labelling of each source and OSD support
) API for easy integration and support of many different video management software solutions

Universal decoding solution for multiple codec formats and for systems from different camera / encoder manufacturers.
) Reduces costs for equipment, setup, and maintenance
) Two independent decoding processors per IPD8
) Fully digital solution with HD image quality
) Very flexible (upgradable for future requirements) and expandable
) Support for H.264 decoding with 25/30 frames/s on all decoder channels simultaneously
) Decodes resolutions from CIF, D1, MegaPixel up to HD
) Support for individual codecs and special customized integrations

The IPD8 solution features two 10/100/1000Mbit Base-T Ethernet interfaces. They can be used for independent networks or redundancy purposes.

Through the open architecture of the NPX4800 family, the IPD solution can be used in all NPX4800 systems. It is possible to mix multiple inputs boards, e.g. analogue video input boards or RGB/DVI boards together with the IPD. The result is a very powerful controller with many different types of inputs, without using a second system. The IPD solution can also be used with more expansion chassis to decode more than hundred streams in one controller. Because of this advantage future upgrades become very easy without the necessity to exchange the entire hardware.

) IP
) RTP (Real-Time Protocol over Ethernet)
) RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)
) Multicast and Unicast for these protocols are also supported.

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