Gunnebo provides with e-Gate greater security & efficiency at airports

Growing passenger numbers represent one of the biggest challenges for airports: they are asking for optimised procedures to enable them to continue managing the flows of passengers and minimise risks. Immigration is a neuralgic point. The intelligent eGate solution reduces waiting times and personnel deployment at the same time as enhancing security. The border control takes place automatically on the basis of biometric data, thereby permitting a high passenger throughput rate. At the leading Passenger Terminal EXPO 2011 trade fair from 29th to 31st March in Copenhagen a
parallel development to e-Gate called Boarding Gate will be presented.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in future the number of international air travellers will increase annually by around five percent.

Airport operators can adapt border controls to this using e-Gate from Gunnebo. Gunnebo contributes its know-how relating to access control systems to the solution scenario, while Siemens IT Solutions and Services provides expertise in the area of system integration, biometric recognition software and database connection.
The basis of the solution is a gate with doors that separate the controlled and the public zones. Before entering, passengers insert their passport in a device that reads in the biometric information stored in it. The system checks the validity of the document and possible blacklists using control software and a database connection.

e-Gate can be used for automatic checking of all electronic machine-readable
travel documents (eMRTD). Passengers enter the border control transit area. Their identity is established there on the basis of biometric identification data and facial recognition and/or a fingerprint check. In the case of compliance and admissibility, the passenger is able to pass through the transit area. If there are restrictions or a lack of compliance between traveller and passport holder, e-Gate blocks transit and security staff can check the passenger. Automation shortens the duration of border controls by up to half compared to manual checks by border guards.

“Together with Siemens IT Solutions and Services, we offer airport operators an intelligent solution for dealing with growing passenger numbers”, says Albert Schürstedt, Divisional Head of Building & Infrastructure at Gunnebo. “This new system enables us to fully exploit the opportunities offered by electronic travel documents and, by doing so, optimise the throughput rate of travellers at airports.” Werner Braun, Business Development Manager at Siemens IT Solutions and Services says: “We are
happy to work with Gunnebo as one of our preferred partner with many years of know-how in this area. Our comprehensive expertise derived from several international IT projects at airports means that we are very familiar with the procedures and  workflows there and are able to integrate a complete solution almost seamlessly in existing IT environments.”

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