04/28/2011 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

BLACK BOX for Your Car

The new SMARTY is a video recording system with useful additional features for motorists.

When using the SMARTY for preserving evidence, e.g. serving as a black box in case of a road accident, simply install it into the motor vehicle and then pay no further attention to it. The SMARTY features acceleration sensors and a GPS receiver. In case the acceleration sensors identify a sudden change, image and data of the position will automatically and retroactively be stored onto the SD card. Thus, the images will document the last seconds before a road accident.

The supplied evaluation software "Smarty Drive Recorder" can conveniently display and evaluate the stored data as graphics and maps (based on Google Maps). The SMARTY features a wide angle camera which provides up to 30 images per second and will also display the driven speed.

Furthermore, the SMARTY features continuous recording which can be used for commercial applications, e.g. for reconstructing routes. In contrast, hobby racers can use the SMARTY for finding the perfect route during video analysis.

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