04/28/2011 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Powerful IP Recorders

Eneo’s F Series includes IP Cameras and Domes, and the user-friendly FNR-4004/500 and FNR-4016/500. Video imagery is stored using the efficient H.264 compression. The maximum refresh rate per channel is 25 frames per second.

Resolution, frame rate, bit rate, picture quality etc. can be set separately for each video channel and configured to the site conditions. This allows the best possible setting for e.g. surveillance over a large area with many details (railway station platforms, public areas, etc.) so that details are clearly recognizable with digital zooming into the picture as required. On the other hand, a lower picture quality, resolution, etc. can be set to reduce network load and memory requirements when surveillance merely has to detect movement in the monitored area. This is also supported by dual video streams: this function allows simultaneous transmission of video imagery from one channel over two video streams that can also be configured – to match the end device for instance (monitor or smart phone).

The memory requirement can be reduced even further by individually configuring recording for each channel: it can be set manually, according to a time schedule, or for an alarm or movement.

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