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Industrial PC for pivoting frame assembly

Standard IPC housing 19“/4U, only 400mm deep, mountable in the pivoting frame of a control cabinet. Containing an ATX mainboard with an Intel- or AMD-CPU and 3- to 4 slots to insert PCI/AGP boards. A passive motherboard might be installed as well carrying a slot CPU. The right side of the front panel is equipped with a lockable flap covering 2x 5,25” and 1x 3,5” drive cages, the reset- and power switch, a USB-connector to add a programmer´s keyboard and 3 status LEDs. The left front side may be equipped with an 8,4” LCD with SVGA resolution (800x600 pixel), a luminance of 350cd/m², a contrast of 500:1 sheltered by a glass screen. Optional a resistive touchscreen may be added.

Two ATX power supplies are for choice: 350W or 450W, each with a cooling fan, a power switch and input voltages of 230V AC or 90-240V AC. In addition a lockable
drawer 19”/1U is available carrying a removable keyboard with trackball. On request MASS will install the O.S. and the client-specific software image.

The SER/D was designed to carry all kinds of IPC applications for measuring, controlling and observation purposes as well as a master- or slave computer in an industrial network. The system is able to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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