04/13/2011 • LIMS / Laboratory IT • Microscopy / Imaging

Tunebox LC-60 for Tunable Optical Filters

For easy handling of tunable filters (VersaChrome filters from Semrock) AHF analysentechnik AG has developed the Tunebox LC-60 which allows motorized filter tuning within less than 20 ms. These filters will be tuned from 0 to 60 degrees.

Direct coupling to microscope light sources or supercontinuum lasers via light guides will be possible (different connectors available). The software allows several modes of control of the wavelength position: “scan” – “jump” – “Goto” mode or can be triggered by external signals.

This tune box will be an efficient tool for ratio measurements by using the corresponding filters, which can be easily exchanged, now also available for UV excitation for FURA excitation without monochromator.

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