04/04/2011 • Pumps and Compressors

New Stainless Steel S-Pump Type Series

Maximator GmbH, Zorge, Germany, launched a new pump type series for use in the chemical, petrochemical, on- and offshore industry. The new pump type series combines the great durability of the S-Pump type series with the performance of
a stainless steel Pump.

The new type series generates a maximum flow rate of 4 Litre per minute and a maximum outlet pressure of 3700 bar. Due to the new design of the stainless steel pump body the weight of the pump could be reduced of around 25% compared to the standard S-Pump type series. The new "S" series pump with Stainless steel body and wetted section will be called the "S...-SS" series and comes in the following ratios: -40, -80, -160, -200, -250, -350.

The new stainless steel high pressure pumps are designed for pressure testing with
water for use in applications such as, wellhead shut down systems, portable pressure
test units and testing of valves, hoses, receivers etc. As a result of the new S...-SS Series, the S-Series pumps are now no longer only suitable for use with hydraulic oil but also Maximator can offer a pump for use with water and other liquids.

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