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Video Analysis for Difficult Outdoor Conditions

The unique video analysis software IPS-OUTDOOR DETECTION detects outdoor incidents under difficult weather conditions. Equipped with patented identification, friend or foe this software flags up critical situations within seconds and reliably distinguishes them from authorized access. The extremely robust real time tracking function locates and tracks persons in user-defined areas. Complemented by 3D  VIDEO TECHNOLOGY the system displays positions and motion profiles of detected persons in the site plan of IPS-VideoManager.

Patented 3 Zone Concept

Three functional zones – detection, alarm and priority – allow the system to accurately adjust the video analysis in accordance with the requirements of any security concept. Size and structure of surveillance areas can be freely defined by the user and allow for precise and fast adjustment of video analysis depending on the situation in hand (see image No. 1).

Identification, Friend or Foe

An alarm is triggered, if a target object (e.g. a person) moves from the detection zone (green) into the alarm zone (yellow) or within the priority zone (red). All other criteria, such as object size, perspective, direction, speed etc., must be fulfilled as well.

Should the alarm zone be entered “from within“, then analysis recognises this as authorised entry and marks the object as a “friend“. However,  entering the priority zone as a friend will still trigger an alarm. Image no. 2 and image no. 3 show typical applications of the patented zone concept. The configuration of green and yellow zones allows the user to include a wider surveillance area (e.g. pavement). Motion profiles within the detection zone (green) are detected – however, there is no subsequent alarm or image tracking. An alarm is only triggered, if the centre of the tracked object moves from the green zone into the yellow zone.

Thus actual surveillance takes place only within legally defined boundaries – whilst ensuring detection without delay.

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