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Oil-free high performance helium leak detector ASM380

The ASM 380 is the latest helium leak detector from adixen. Despite exceptionally high performance and extremely low pumpdown times, the unit is astonishingly compact and highly.

The transportable ASM 380 is the ideal leak detection unit when you need to test high-volume vacuum vessel rapidly and reliably. Production plants for semiconductors, solar modules and flat screens as well as laboratories and research facilities like accelerators, are often configured with little free space. For this reason the leak detectors used in these types of environment need to be narrow and highly manoeuvrable. This presents a problem for conventional high performance leak detectors, but not for the ASM 380. It is the most compact leak detector in its class, getting right in to where the device is needed.

This means you only need very short lines to connect the leak detector to your plant. A happy side effect is that you will also achieve better measurement results and shorter pumpdown times. Furthermore, the practical design of the ASM 380’s trolley unit, with its large castors, makes it even easier to get the unit to where it is needed. It also features storage space for accessories, connecting elements and helium bottles – everything is laid out in a compact and tidy fashion. The ASM 380 can pump down large volumes in the shortest possible time, thanks to the leak detector’s extremely powerful vacuum pumps. A type ACP 40 oil-free dry roughing pump is used as a fore-vacuum pump.

With a pumping capacity of 35 m3/h it is unique on the market. The new ATH 184 hybrid turbomolecular pump produces the fastest possible signal decay, even after intense leak signals. At just 53 dB(A), the ASM 380 is about as quiet as a regular fridge. This makes it ideal for use in environments where louder noises would be disruptive.In common with all leak detectors from the current adixen range, the adixen ASM 380 boasts a modern “third generation” user interface. You can freely configure all parameters on the user interface via the colour display using touch-screen technology, and fine tune them to match your own specific requirements.

The display can be rotated through a full 360 degrees and is even detachable, so you will always have optimum sight of all your data from practically any angle. The control unit doubles up as the ASM 380’s remote controller. An integrated SD card lets you save measurement data and graphs and transfer data in accordance with current computing standards. And if you want to control your ASM 380 using a computer, that’s no problem either. The ASM View software from adixen displays all measurement data on the PC, where it can also be saved. You can even control the ASM 380 wirelessly from your PDA or smartphone using ASM Pocket.

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