03/16/2011 • Security, Video Security, Video Surveillance

Day/Night IP Cameras and Motion Detectors

One of Bosch’s highlights at IFSEC will be the Dinion HD and FlexiDome HD 720p Day/Night IP cameras  equipped with Bosch’s latest 1/3-inch HD CCD with progressive scan. The cameras deliver sharp, highly detailed HD images combined with renowned Dinion performance. Pixel-by-pixel image processing generates the most detailed images, making it easier for operators to distinguish small features – important when trying to recognize facial characteristics, identify small objects or make out items such as number plates.

Also, being true HD, images are reproduced in widescreen format which captures more usable content from any scene. Fully Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) conformant, the Dinion HD and FlexiDome HD cameras integrate easily with third-party security solutions. Intuitive software also allows them to be combined with standard definition appliances in the same system, with seamless operation.

The Blue Line Gen 2 Motion Detectors from Bosch provides improved catch performance, enhanced false alarm immunity and easier installation for technicians. Available in standard and pet-friendly models, the new series is suitable for residential, retail and other commercial security applications. The new Detectors include the passive infrared (PIR), the Quad PIR detectors and the TriTech detectors that combine PIR and microwave technologies for more advanced analysis.

All models use an interchangeable mounting base, enabling easy upgrades to more advanced detection technology in areas prone to false alarms. In addition, pet-friendly models can be set to “No Pet” to allow customers to use the same product in multiple applications, reducing inventory for security dealers. A host of additional features provide reliable performance for customers. The sealed optical chamber prevents drafts and insects from affecting the detector, and pet immunity distinguishes between signals caused by humans and animals. Dynamic temperature compensation also adjusts sensitivity to accurately identify intruders regardless of room conditions.

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