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Products for HTS applications and protein crystallization

Dunn Laboratories distributes from Art Robbins Instruments (ARI) products specifically designed for HTS applications and protein crystallization including the successful dispenser systems Phoenix, Gryphon and Cobra 148. ARI has recently added to its Gryphon dispenser system another modular component option. By equipping the Gryphon with the innovative LCP (Lipidic Cubic Phase) syringe the crystallization of membrane proteins is facilitated. This syringe allows the dispensing of up to 25 nl of viscous solutions with a CV of < 5% in less than 90 seconds. Additionally, the Gryphon LCP can be equipped with a modular non-contact nano-needle. This needle enables precise dispensing of 100 nl up to 100 µl. With this feature, the Gryphon system is well prepared for the automated crystallization of proteins. The Gryphon LCP will be on exhibition in Europe for the first time at the European Lab Automation (ELA 2011) in Hamburg, Germany (30th June to 1st July) and will then be displayed at the XXII IUR (International Union of Crystallography) Congress in Madrid, Spain (22nd to 29th of August).

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