03/15/2011 • Industrial PCs

12.1” Color TFT-LCD Modules with built-in LED Backlight driver

Mitsubishi Electric is introducing its new 12.1” wide-XGA color TFT-LCD modules for industrial use. The product AA121TD01 is equipped with a built-in LED driver in a slim and lightweight LCD module design and Light Emitting Diode (LED) backlight, providing a longer lifetime and enhanced efficiency.

The new 12.1” TFT-LCD module is built in a new slim design with a lightweight construction. The improved backlight structure reduces the thickness of the module to 9.7mm and its weight to 620g so that it is 16% thinner and 14% lighter than the previous module (AA121TB01). In addition, the new module contains a built-in LED driver to achieve a more compact system design and a better cost effectiveness in customer’s applications while the outline dimensions, mounting position and pin assignments remain compatible to previous modules.

The TFT-LCD modules with market leading long-life LED backlight performance can be operated without an inverter, unlike previous models which used Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL) backlights. At 25 degrees Celsius, LED backlights have an operating life time of at least 80,000 hours. The TFT-LCD modules offer a brightness of 700cd/m2, making them suitable for operation in very bright illuminated environments.

The AA121TD01 achieves a top level wide operating temperature range from -30 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this model can be implemented in applications in harsh outdoor environments.

Mitsubishi Electric was one of the first companies to incorporate LED backlights in its TFT-LCD modules. With the addition of the new LED backlight model, Mitsubishi Electric’s TFT-LCD module lineup now includes more than 80 different modules covering 18 combinations of screen size and resolution types. Out of these 17 combinations are available with LED backlights. Mitsubishi Electric aims to further expand its lineup of industrial-use TFT-LCD modules in future.

The new high power MOSFET modules are RoHS conform.


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