03/15/2011 • Machine safety, industrial safety

Klaschka safety elements for a safe start with the new machinery directive

Even if a last “reprieve“ is granted until the end of 2011, users of safety-related components are well advised to adapt now to the new situation created by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

The new standards are intended to further reduce hazards on and around machinery, to prevent personal injury, and to increase the availability of plant and machinery. When assessing products for SIL (Safety Integrity Level), probability studies, or PL (Performance Level), must be taken into account. In the classification of risks and safety, SIL and PL play a central role.

Design engineers need these safety data as evidence that plant and machinery comply with safety laws and standards. With our SIDENT non-contact safety switches and ZSY safety controllers, you are well prepared. The recent, successful recertification of these products proved that they fulfil all the latest requirements.

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