02/24/2011 • Logistics and goods handling

A Secure Hold in Any Position: Vacuum Suction Pads for Package Handling

The suction pads of the SPB4 from vacuum technology specialist J. Schmalz GmbH series are specially designed for handling flexible-form packages such as flat-bottom bags, tubular bags or products wrapped in film. These suction pads are manufactured using silicone SI (food-safe, conforms to FDA guidelines), enabling them to be used directly in the food industry. Various design details ensure that the bag can be held securely, even though its form and center of gravity can change during handling.

The long, stable bellows with 4.5 corrugations has a steep sealing lip with integrated flow vanes. This sealing lip ensures that the suction pad adjusts to the bag and holds it with maximum surface coverage. The extra large nominal diameters ensure high volume flows and accommodate any air leakage between the suction pads and the product packaging. An integrated joint in the pad compensates for any deformation that might occur as a result of the momentum of the contents at high accelerations. The SPB4 suction pads are currently available in diameter sizes 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm. The pads are easy to install and can be replaced quickly as needed by connecting them directly to a standard 3/8" or 1/2" pipe or using a pad nipple.

Highly dynamic handling of flexible-form packages with loose contents – suction pads in the SPB4 series bring reliability to the process.

Whether it's cardboard boxes, cases, cartons or box, whether it's pouches, sacks, bags or tubular films – differing packages require differing grippers. With the packaging suction pad series from Schmalz, one thing is guaranteed: a secure hold in any position.

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