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LTT180 and -182 SensorCorder

All-In-One signal conditioning: Volt DC/AC, Strain Gauge (1/4-, 1/2- and full bridge) ICP, Software configurable, Zero balancing, Resolution: 16 bit, with 500 kHz sample rate per channel, Galvanic isolation, Sensor power supply with Ultra-precision constant current and constant voltage, Front-end with 8, 16 or 32 channels, Cascadeable systems, several units decentral conected via Gigabit Ethernet

 LTT SensorCorder is a mobile measurement system with 8, 16 or 32 galvanic isolated Strain Gauge, Volt and ICP inputs that can be set up separately for each sensor type using dedicated software. The inputs are measured with 16 bit resolution.

Up to 500 kHz sampling rate per channel.

The maximum sample rate is 500 kHz per channel. The galvanic isolation works in the frequency range from 0 to 36 kHz. Automatic zero balancing, analogue and digital input filtering, internal shunt calibration, quarter, half and full bridge connections and AC/DC coupling complete the system.
Ultraprecision constant current and constant voltage supplies are provided for each channel. The internal memory is upgradeable from 4 MS per channel to 16 MS per channel.

Save measured data in your preferred file format.

Decide if you want to save the data directly in DIAdem, Famos, MGraph, NI TDM or LTT format. This eliminates the need for exporting the data, so you can start analysing immediately.

Stand-alone with integrated hard disk

Optionally with integrated hard disk for measurements without PC connection. For detection of sporadic machine faults or measurements in harsh environments.

PC interfacing options

The system has been specifically developed for ultrafast longtherm and shortterm measurements. It communicates with a PC via Ethernet (1000/100/10 BaseT), WLAN, SCSI, USB or Fire Wire. Using the DLL you can integrate your own applications (e.g. FAMOS, LabView, DIAdem, MATLAB, MGraph). LTT SensorCorder can be customised to your needs. 

The system is available:

  • as compact desktop version with 8 or 16 channels
  • with cascaded units for multi-channel measurements
  • with an optional internal hard drive (160 GB) for operation as a stand-alone data recorder
  • as 19“ rack mount version in silver design (32 channels per rack), optionally with stand-alone functionality.

Turbine test stands

Distributed measurement front-ends connected to scaleable computing power via Gigabit Ethernet. Several LTT 180 32-channel front-ends are arranged around the turbines and connected to the control room via Gigabit Ethernet. User benefits: Short cables from sensor to front-end. Each sensor can be connected to any of 32 galvanic isolated input channels with integrated conditioning for Volt, Strain Gauge and ICP inputs. The connections of the respective sensors are software configured – no hardware modification is required. Almost any number of computers can be connected via Gigabit Ethernet to perform tasks like displaying, analysing and storing measured data.

Engine testing:
LTT SensorCorder provides high sample rates for tension, strain and vibration measurements on engines performed with accelerometers. User benefits: Compact design, easy to use with included software LTTview; fast, patented technique for data transfer from the system to a PC.

Component testing: For example on Diesel fuel injection systems (also as RPMinduced measurements). User benefits: Flexible systems, sample rates up to 500 kHz, 16 bit resolution, cascadeable systems for multichannel
measurements can be combined with the proven Transient Recorder.

Underwater sonar signals:
Listen to the „silent ocean“. Noise recording, e.g. from a ship’s propeller. User benefits: High sample rates up to 500 kHz, 16 bit resolution, mobile system, can replace tape recorders due to optional integrated hard disk!

Military: The small, rugged SensorCorder with integrated 160 GB IDE hard disk can be used for mineprotection and blast testing. User benefits: Long-term measurements possible, including recording piezoelectric signals. LTT systems can replace tape recorders. Measured data include acceleration, temperature, torque etc.

Noise analysis With LTT SensorCorders you can for example perform 3D analysis of noise sources on vehicles and take adequate measures. User benefits: Array measurements on 16 (or more) synchronous channels.

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