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HiCube modular pumping station for clean vacuum

Pfeiffer Vacuum developed the reliable HiCube turbopumping stations for applications in the fields of research and development, accelerators, analysis and surface physics, as well as vacuum process technology, electron beam welding and leak detection systems. With the modular design principle of this HiCube series, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers versatility that satisfies the widest range of requirements in the 35 l/s to 685 l/s pumping speed range. Fully configured and ready for immediate employment, the turbopump and backing pump offer a perfect interplay: “Plug and Play.”

HiCube pumping stations offer a convincing combination of a turbopump from the HiPace series and a dry or oil-sealed backing pump designed for the user’s specific application needs. Thanks to the HiCube’s robust housing and ready-to-connect, fully automated pump unit, there are virtually no limits to its flexibility.
All connections are consolidated at the rear of the unit. In addition, the turbopump can easily be removed from the housing and connected to a recipient or system, as all of the individual components are highly accessible. And oil changes are simple to perform on the rotary vane pumps, without the need for any special tools or disassembly.

The pumping stations offer energy-saving, quiet operation. Depending upon the application in question, these pumping stations also come with water cooling or heating sleeve. Available as a compact version within the HiCube series is the HiCube Eco with pumping speeds of 35 l/s to 67 l/s.

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