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AutoVu – License Plate Recognition (LPR)

AutoVu™ is the IP license plate recognition (LPR) system of the Security Center, Genetec’s unified security platform. From your vehicle or office, AutoVu helps you automate the identification of vehicle license plates. Organizations looking to enhance applications in law enforcement, parking enforcement, license plate inventory, security and access control choose AutoVu for the right reasons:

Product Benefits
Be Automatically Notified of Vehicles of Interest: All you have to do is focus on your job. AutoVu automatically reads surrounding vehicle plates, compares them to a database and alerts you when you need to take action. This LPR system comes with powerful features to make you even more efficient: use graphical maps for configuration; conduct data-mining in your vehicle or office; and get image and time capture on every license plate read.

Rely on Accurate License Plate Reads: AutoVu is an LPR system you can rely on. With AutoVu, you will catch all license plates in the camera’s field of view. AutoVu reads license plates with the highest accuracy rates in the industry. And, thanks to its unique Fuzzy Matching feature, you get the best possible matches to your database even when license plates may be undecipherable.

Reduce The Operator Learning Curve with Ease-of-Use: As part of Genetec’s unified security platform, AutoVu comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. Operators with any level of computer experience will feel at ease with this LPR system. In the office, drag and drop reads to see an image of the vehicle and its plate. Use graphical maps to review LPR data. And get reports with one click of the mouse. In the vehicle, large buttons and touch-enabled functions make training a breeze.

Obtain Real-Time LPR Information with IP Connectivity: AutoVu is IP-ready. There is no waiting for LPR information. You get real-time monitoring and identification of vehicle plates. The transfer of license plate information from the vehicle to your office is instantaneous. So you can take immediate action if necessary. And you can even configure and manage your LPR system over any IP network.

Take Minimal Time to Get Your System Installed: Getting AutoVu up and running is simple. Once the AutoVu camera is installed, you only need to make minimal adjustments and configuration to get your LPR system going. Databases can be uploaded at each shift or automatically on a pre-set time frame. It’s an easy three-step process to LPR automation.

The AutoVu Hardware

The AutoVu Sharp is the IP-based license plate recognition camera. This rugged LPR device offers advanced digital video processing and superior plate reading performance. The AutoVu Sharp camera also conducts processing on the edge. This means all the processing and analytics are done inside the unit itself, making the solution compact and easy to install.

Key Features of the AutoVu Sharp

  • Available for both fixed and mobile applications
  • Support for various international plate styles and formats
  • On-board video compression and streaming
  • Plate capture spanning two lanes of traffic on either side of vehicle
  • Plate capture of vehicles parked in parallel, or at 45 or
  • 90 degrees
  • Plate capture up to speeds of 140 MPH (225 km/h)
  • Portability from vehicle-to-vehicle

Choose Your AutoVu Application

Law Enforcement
Get a mobile LPR system to help track wanted vehicles and felons.

Security and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
Use a fixed LPR system to manage vehicle access control, strengthen security or manage city traffic.

Parking Enforcement and Inventory
Install a mobile LPR system to manage city or university parking or to collect lot inventory.

Revenue Control
Set up a fixed LPR system to automate tolling or paid-parking facilities.

Security Center – True Unification of Multiple Security Systems
Merge your license plate recognition, video surveillance, and access control systems under one easy-to-use platform.

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