01/18/2011 • LIMS / Laboratory IT • Microscopy / Imaging

Obtaining Sharper, Clearer Images

The Olympus cellSens deconvolution solution module employs a constrained iterative (CI) algorithm to remove out-of-focus blur in advanced life science imaging. This high-speed operation provides extremely sharp images, as well as near confocal quality, with the ability to correct for any spherical aberrations.

Using a specialised and improved algorithm, the deconvolution solution module provides advanced, high-speed image restoration. Maximising modern PC computing capabilities, it leverages multi-core processor architectures to provide an extremely powerful deconvolution facility, enabling the sharpening of even the most blurred images.

Consequently, users can obtain a fast and easy-to-use, comprehensive deconvolution, removing the complex parameter adjustment steps required with other advanced de-blurring algorithms.

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