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Incubator for Fertility Center Cologne

The Fertility Center Cologne uses the Binder CB 53 incubator. “Besides the fact that I have long worked with and have had the many positive experiences with the Binder units, the robust design, simple, intuitive handling and high reliability speak to the quality of these units. In the IVF field, the failure of an incubator can have devastating consequences for the cell material and above all, for the patient concerned and last but not least, for the treating physician. Therefore, the operational reliability and stability of such incubators is the most important quality criterion,” says Dr. Ralf Böhm, biologist and director of the IVF lab at the Center.

The incubators distinguish themselves by their very fast recovery times for temperature and gases. This is very important in being able to restore optimal incubator conditions as quickly as possible for the cell material after a door is opened. The very fast infrared CO2 measuring system of the CB 53 makes this possible. The continuous recording of internal parameter data including temperature, CO2, O2 if necessary and door openings is also an important criterion for the reliability of the units. If the alarm sounds due to an interruption in the CO2 supply, for example, the recordings on the screen controller make it possible to accurately pinpoint when the interruption occurred, whether the parameter has changed internally, and if necessary, what impact the interruption has on the germ material.

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