01/10/2011 • Focus on Products at Analytica • LIMS / Laboratory IT

Experiment Design Features and Interactive Tools

CoulterFlow.com offers a variety of functions that help researchers design experiments, compare and identify appropriate reagents and simplify purchasing. New downloadable tools allow scientists to assemble best-in-class antibody panels, link to a customized My Lab page and order from an extensive online catalog. My Lab, a personalized workspace, allows storage, review and tracking of experiments, and access to previously ordered products.

Users can create folders and product lists, and add notes to stored experiments and links to references. An Antibody Panel Creator helps researchers determine the best reagents and fluorochromes for a particular sample, facilitating reliable test results. Once the reagents and an optical filter are identified, the completed panel and its components can be stored in a My Lab tab or sent to the shopping cart. Additional features include a ‘Multi-color Reagent Selector’ that assists in the selection of antibodies and conjugates, allows review of the selection and works in conjunction with the researcher’s My Lab page.

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