Wireless and Digital

Ceotronics’ CT-Dect Gatecom offers wireless full duplex communication for ground handling operations around aircrafts. Pilot and ground crews with up to eight people can simultaneously speak with each other and listen at the same time. This allows both a more secure and effective communication for all people involved.

Clear communication without misunderstandings lowers costs due to less down times. The headset comes with intelligent software and a noise compensating electret microphone. It enables wireless communication between pilot and ground crew, even under running jet engines or rotors. The CT-DNR software suppresses surrounding noise and a digital speech processor (DSP) that can distinguish the human voice from surrounding noises. The latter are digitally filtered out and thus only pure speech is transmitted. The transportable interface of the system comes in a handy bag and contains the communication interface unit for up to four users including the pilot.

The unit can easily be plugged in directly from outside. It connects to the airplane-intercom and serves as a communication link between pilot and ground crew. Where unusual circumstances require the presence of more than four users, the Gatecom case can be deployed to enable the participation of up to eight crewmembers in the communications network. The advantages of the system in comparison with cable bound systems are complete freedom of movement and security around the aircraft. For training purposes e.g. for the driver of a push back truck additional headsets are available and may easily be added.

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