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Axis transportation solutions

Axis Communications has a broad product portfolio specifically for the public transport sector. It offers IP surveillance solutions for use onboard vehicles, at stations & depots and along the infrastructure. All cameras hold the necessary transportation certificates and are rugged so to withstand the demanding conditions and environment they are placed in. They adhere to formal public transport sector regulations.

The network cameras in the Axis M31-R Series, which are designed specifically for being onboard vehicles, have a flat and discreet design with no sharp edges for passenger safety. They have an IP67 rating with an integrated dehumidifier and operate across a broad temperature range. They include intelligence such as active tampering alarms for detecting attempts such as blocking or spray-painting,-and video motion detection.

Axis also has a wide range of outdoor and vandal resistant offerings for stations, depots and infrastructure. For detection at night, in tunnels and low light conditions, Axis offers thermal imaging in the Axis Q19 Series.

Proven Large-scale Projects

Some references where Axis transportation solutions is being used:

Stockholm metro and buses (Sweden):
More than 15,000 cameras
Sydney’s new suburban trains (Australia): 7,000 cameras
Madrid buses (Spain): 6,000 cameras
SBB commuter trains in Zürich (Switzerland): 5,000 cameras
Moscow metro, stations and subway trains (Russia): 3,000 cameras and video encoders

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