Ksenia Security S.p.A.

Ksenia Security S.p.A.

Strada Provinciale Valtesino, 49
63065 Ripatransone

Phone: +39 0735 751646
Fax: +39 0735 652281

Internet: www.kseniasecurity.com

KSENIA SECURITY, based in Italy, is engaged in R&D, Production and Sales of very advanced Security & Home/Building Automation System based on IP (remote configuration and management incl. multiple sites) with dedicated web-server and several APP with Push Notification. We have recently launched the the new generation of lares 4.0 control panels, THE MOST INNOVATIVE IoT HYBRID SOLUTION FOR SECURITY AND HOME & BUILDING AUTOMATION. All new panels represent the most advanced solution in the era of digitalization (Industry 4.0, where the name arises) for what concern both Physical Security (Intrusion, Video Surveillance, Access Control) and Home & Building Automation, based on KseniaSecureWeb.

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