Böllhoff Verbindungs-, Montage- und Systemtechnik

Böllhoff Verbindungs-, Montage- und Systemtechnik

Archimedesstr. 1-4
33649 Bielefeld

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As an International service provider with ist own production and development, is one
of the leading suppliers of fastening and assembly systems. The range of products covers more than 10.000 parts, from standard screws and nuts to fully automatic assembly machines. The automotive
industry, the aerospace industry, machine builders, electrical, electronic and telecommunication
industries as well as sheet and also plastic processing industries are amongst their most important
customer groups.
Furthermore, also the construkction, furniture and wood industrie are supplied by
the Böllhoff product range.
The company, with eight subsidiaries in Germany, has totally
owned operations in seventeen countries as well as agents worldwide to serve all industrialised countries.

Steel, stainless steel and brass fasteners

Dowel technology

Construction fasteners

Plastic fasteners
- plastic threaded parts
- injection moulded metal threads
- technical plastic parts
- push on/pull off plug connectors
- fasteners for vibrating components

Threaded inserts for metals and plastic parts
- metal threaded reinforcements
- thread reinforcements in plastic parts
- nuts thread locking/screwdriver pullout protection system
- thread sealing and locking

Self-pierce technology/clinching technology

Blind rivet technology
- threads on and fastening of sheet metal and profiles

Axial tolerance compensation system

Quick lock technology
- clamping, turning and pressure locks

Screwdriving systems
- automatic manual screwdriver systems
- stationary screwdriver systems
- servo screwdriver system
- feed system