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Waters MaxPeak Premier Protein 250 Å SEC Analytical Columns

Waters’ analytical columns address several needs within biopharma, biotech, and contract research organizations as well as immunodiagnostic kit developers who need reliable, size-based analyses of mAbs, anti-drug conjugates, and other proteins that range in size from 10,000 to 650,000 Daltons.

These columns use the company’s proprietary MaxPeak column hardware technology that significantly reduces undesirable ionic interactions and comes with its bridged-ethyl hybrid SEC particles containing hydroxy-terminated polyethylene oxide that reduce undesirable hydrophobic interactions. The columns use readily available phosphate buffer saline (PBS) without having to invest time and resources developing an appropriate SEC eluent formulation required by many traditional SEC columns. This synergistic coupling allows separations scientists to use generic or platform-type SEC analytical methods for many different protein types.

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